A brief (and it is very brief!) history.

Having enjoyed so many holidays in France over the years, both during and since my childhood, I have grown to love the country, the culture and the people. More recently, spending family holidays here and touring the country in our Motorhome, Tom and I became more and more convinced we’d like to move our home from the U.K. to France.

I don’t remember exactly when and how it turned from a ‘wouldn’t it be great to…’ into a ‘let’s just do it…’ but a combination of things came into play at once. I think the big 3 were:

  1. The U.K. voted for BREXIT – I’ll say no more on that for now 🙁
  2. I’ve always said I wanted to quit work for a complete change at 55 years old
  3. COVID happened and the phrase ‘life is too short’ kept cropping up

We explored all sorts of options around buying a primary and/or secondary home in France and whether to sell, downsize or rent out our UK house. In the end, after much head-scratching we decided to sell up completely in the UK and rent in France until we found somewhere we wanted to buy, and so the wheels were in motion.

This week we welcomed our first paying guests into our Chambres d’Hôtes and opened another chapter in our lives 🙂

We are open for business!

We signed the acte de vente and picked up the keys for our new house on 8th December 2021 and from 1st May 2022 we are open for business. It has been a lot of hard work but hugely rewarding and we are really excited to start welcoming guests for Bed and Breakfast as we start the next chapter in our lives.

This time last year, Tom was still a maths teacher and I had not long quit my job as a school administrator.

Time permitting I’ll be updating this blog on a weekly basis looking back over the last year on how we got to where we are today, and, moving forward, reflecting on life running a Chambres d’Hôtes in south west France.