Step Change

We have really seen a ‘step change’ in the way of life here during April.

In the B&B we have shifted from occasional bookings by exception, to the start of the season where we have guests in the house more often than not. It didn’t take us long to get back into the swing of it and we’ve already met some lovely people and had some great feedback.

The pool is ready and warming up nicely. We changed the sand in the filter before Tom brought it back from its winter hibernation, so it already looks really inviting! The garden has sprung to life and the terrace is looking great with the summer flowers coming out and the fruit swelling on the trees. I love to see the lizards scurrying about as I am watering the pots on the terrace in the morning 🙂

The biggest change has been the weather. At the start of the month, I was lighting the wood burner in the afternoons and putting on an extra layer or putting the central heating on if we had guests. By the end of the month, I found myself moving out of the sun into the shade because it is too hot. My gloves and winter layers have been swapped for sun hat and sun cream when I am out running now.

The weather has obviously brought a lot of changes with it. As well as the tourists arriving in Eymet I’ve noticed the arrival of the summer wildlife. On my run this morning I saw/heard Cuckoos, Hoopoes, Golden Orioles, Cicadas, Swallows and Orchids to name a few. The local asparagus and strawberries arrived on the markets in abundance and of course, more tables and chairs have appeared on the terraces of the bars and restaurants. There is a great vibe in the village. We had the Fête des fleurs et des abeilles in the village at the end of the month which is a sure sign the summer season is underway.

The wood / pellet burners and heaters at the entrances of all the Bricos have been replaced by patio equipment, BBQs and pool maintenance stuff. Before long it will be air conditioning units and room fans.We also had a few nights away in the van at Sarlat and really enjoyed exploring that side of the Dordogne including Château de Beynac and Les Jardins Suspendus d Marqueyssac. One of our resolutions for this year is to take more time during the summer months to get out and explore the beautiful region we are lucky enough to live in!

Le Portanel B&B Eymet